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Fairhaven, MA

The Marsh Island Salt Marsh Restoration Project has launched.  This project will restore approximately 11 acres of salt marsh along New Bedford Harbor in Fairhaven, lost since the late 1930’s, and once fully complete, the restored marsh will be opened to the public with a perimeter loop trail that has three overlooks, a pedestrian bridge over the restored creek and a small parking area at the end of Taber Street.

Buzzards Bay Coalition has designed the restored site to be waterfront accessible to the public with walking trails and beautiful overlook views.  We hope, that like our restoration projects at the Sawmill and Horseshoe Mill, this site becomes a valued outdoor space for the community to enjoy.

This project is a conservation partnership of the New Bedford Harbor Trustee Council, MA Division of Ecological Restoration, National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, and Fairhaven-Acushnet Land Preservation Trust together with Buzzards Bay Coalition.

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